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Finding clinical job opportunities and filling staff shortages should be a smooth and easy task for job seekers or healthcare employers. And with ERN Services, it is. We specialize in finding flexible, good-paying healthcare jobs that fit skilled nurses’ location and shift requirements. Our team also supports the medical industry by supplying hospitals, clinics, and private practices with qualified healthcare professionals.

ERN’s nationwide network of providers allows per diem and travel nurses to find clinical jobs across a wide range of specialties. Whether you’re looking for a long-term contract or to add a few local shifts on an on-demand basis, you can quickly and conveniently search or post job listings to meet your needs in a timely manner.

The Benefits of Searching for Clinical Jobs With ERN

Our user-friendly healthcare job dashboard enables you to search by job type, competency, shift, pay, location, and other essential factors. You can also upload and edit documents like your resume which the healthcare industry requires for employment. Furthermore, you can receive job alerts to apply for as many clinical jobs as you’re interested in thanks to our OneApp feature.

Why Hospitals Turn to ERN’s Healthcare Staffing Services

ERN works with clients to quickly post healthcare staffing opportunities. Our streamlined onboarding process and client portal enable you to review staff availability, view candidate credentials, and screen critical compliance documents. And we work closely with industry-leading compliance partners to make sure your healthcare jobs are filled with top-tier nursing professionals.

Healthcare Job Opportunities We Provide

ERN’s substantial network of healthcare providers and professionals allows you to search for or add a variety of healthcare job postings.

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Explore ERN’s lists of healthcare staffing needs to find the right clinical job for you. With over two decades of experience, we have the resources to help you land the on-demand, travel, or direct-hire healthcare job you want.

Providing Clinical Job Placements for Various Nursing Specialties

As a nursing professional, you can use your skill sets and expertise across various competencies. The ERN platform allows you to look through healthcare job postings for openings you want to gain experience in or add your knowledge to in times of need. 

Our platform also makes it easy for healthcare employers to search for nurses with experience in specific areas quickly. With ERN as your staffing agency, you can rest assured you’re filling healthcare jobs with the most talented professionals available. 

Add or search healthcare job postings for these nursing positions:

  • ER RN 
  • ICU RN
  • Med/Surg RN
  • Tele RN
  • OR RN
  • Other Specialities

“I’ve been working with ERN Services as an RN for over 14 years. They are honest, caring, and, most of all—very professional. They have a large pool of hospitals I can choose from, and there’s never a shortage of work. The pay is great, and the flexibility is perfect for my lifestyle.”

– Leslie B., Registered Nurse

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