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Finding the right government facility cleaning service is an essential yet challenging task. Government facilities and public works like libraries, fire stations, and community centers represent the communities in which they reside. When they’re dirty, cluttered, or otherwise ill-maintained, they can reflect poorly on your municipality.

At ERN Services, we’re committed to seeing your community shine. That’s why we take cleaning government buildings seriously—we meticulously scrub, dust, and vacuum your facility to ensure it looks presentable for residents and visitors alike. In addition, we can handle your facility’s trash, recycling, and window washing. This way, you can focus on supporting your community to the best of your abilities rather than being held up by clutter and grime.

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What to Expect When You Choose ERN as Your Government Cleaning Company

We’re committed to providing comprehensive government office cleaning services that allow you to focus on representing your community. ERN also offers a range of repair and maintenance, landscaping, and EVS services to cover all your needs. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us.

  • Decades of Industry Experience

    At ERN Services, we have more than 20 years of experience as professional cleaners. We’ve procured many government cleaning contracts in the past, so we understand the level of quality needed. Having seen it all, we can provide comprehensive cleaning services that keep your government facility clean and presentable throughout the year.

  • Routine Visits

    We pride ourselves on providing consistent, high-quality commercial cleaning services that exceed our clients’ expectations. Because of this, we make it our goal to visit our customers every month to check in on our performance. We’re always looking to understand our customers on a deeper level so we can achieve a deeper clean—that’s what sets us apart from other government cleaning companies.

  • Customized Solutions

    At ERN Services, we know that every government facility has different cleaning requirements. Many buildings across the country are aging and require special care to keep them intact and functional. That’s why we provide custom solutions for every government cleaning contract we acquire. We work closely with you to understand your building’s needs and develop a cleaning and maintenance regimen that improves the longevity of your facility and keeps it ready for visitors.

Cleaning Government Buildings With an Eye on Security and Compliance

Some government facilities have more stringent security and compliance requirements than others. However, they still need to be cleaned. Our team is trained to provide thorough janitorial services in government facilities while maintaining security and compliance. Our team members maintain secure cleaning practices and operate under the assumption that they’ll need ID badges and background checks to work under certain government cleaning contracts.


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