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“If you are a nurse, definitely work with ERN! Or if you are a staff worker or nurse finder. The working conditions are the best. They really care about their workers.”

ERN is the best registry I have ever worked for.

“ERN is hands down the best employer I have ever worked for. Over the last 15 years, I’ve gained more clinical and overall nursing experience than I could have just working for one hospital. Today, I am able to work at over 10 hospitals near me and have learned how different hospitals operate. It’s been a wonderful 15 years, looking forward to another 20 with ERN.”

“I’ve been working with ERN Services as an RN for over 14 years. They are honest, caring, and, most of all, very professional. They have a large pool of hospitals I can choose from, and there’s never a shortage of work. The pay is great, and the flexibility is perfect for my lifestyle.”

“Brittany Valdez is the most attentive and kind recruiter I have ever worked with. She is kind, patient, and reassuring. She always asks how your assignment went. She is a communicator and wants to hear any questions you may have. Always there to discuss concerns. She is simply the best.”

“Brittany has been an excellent recruiter. She is very patient and answers all my questions. She patiently explains everything I asked her and guided me in every step of my way. She also acts as my advocate. I can tell her my complaints, and she solved it right away. She also acted as my confidant. I can share my experiences and how my days went. She comforts me whenever I have a bad shift or a stressful day. Brittany is amazing.

She is the icing on top of the cake. Anyone who will have her as a recruiter would be very lucky.”

“Hello all,

I am more than pleased to have the opportunity to recommend ERN Services and Brittany Valdez (Lead Recruiter) to all nurses! I have been working with ERN services to pick up additional per diem shifts around my area and I am very satisfied with their excellent performance in taking care of nurses. I truly appreciate Brittany’s help with onboarding process and job selection. Brittany is the lead recruiter at ERN services, and I love the way how she takes care of the nurses. She is punctual, responsive, and caring. She even followed up with me to make sure that I got my first check correctly, and on time! She takes care of EACH one of us! I enjoy working with Brittany and ERN Services. I have great respect for Brittany as an individual and as a professional and am confident she will continue to exhibit positive performance! Highly recommend ERN services!”

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Whether you’re interested in posting open nursing shifts at your healthcare facility or are looking for a reliable janitorial team to keep your commercial facility tidy, ERN is here to help. Reach out today to discuss your staffing needs and begin developing customized solutions.

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