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The unfortunate reality in the healthcare industry right now is that there’s more demand for nurses than qualified applicants. To help solve this problem, more and more organizations are offering per diem nursing jobs to fill voids in their daily coverage. At ERN Services, we specialize in helping licensed nurses find per diem hospital jobs that fit their lifestyles.

Our vast network of healthcare organizations in California offers tremendous flexibility and allows for personal choice. No matter why you’re interested in working an RN per diem job, ERN has a variety of openings for you to choose from. From covering last-minute shift drops to meeting the demands of cold and flu season, we can always help you find the on-demand job you want.

Take the First Step In Landing the Perfect Per Diem Nursing Job for You

ERN has decades of experience helping nurses find per diem hospital jobs that meet their terms and requirements. Explore our collection of opening per diem nursing jobs to find ones that excite you.

ERN Simplifies the Per Diem Nursing Job Search Process

ERN’s user-friendly dashboard allows you to create and manage a professional profile. You can quickly and easily post your resume, make real-time updates, and upload licenses and documents as needed. 

Within the OneApp feature, you tailor job searches based on personal time, location, pay, benefit, and position criteria. If you find multiple RN per diem jobs that interest you, that’s great—you can apply for numerous opportunities without delay. 

ERN has opportunities for travel, temp-to-hire, permanent, and per diem nursing jobs in a variety of specialties, including:

  • ER RN 
  • ICU RN
  • Med/Surg RN
  • Tele RN
  • OR RN
  • Other Specialities

The Benefits of Per Diem Nursing Jobs

Whether you’re looking to add regular shifts at a single hospital or interested in becoming a per diem local travel nurse, per diem jobs provide several advantages, including:

  • Flexibility: One of the most appealing benefits is the freedom they allow for. You have the flexibility to select shifts and schedules that make sense for your personal life. With a per diem hospital job, you don’t have to sacrifice other responsibilities and leisure time—you pick and choose shifts based on what works best for you.
  • Increased compensation: Typically, RN per diem jobs earn a higher average hourly wage than full-time employees. Your higher earning potential stems from the urgency and short notice associated with day-by-work needs. 
  • Expanded skill sets: Having a nursing specialty is a desirable trait. But for many caregivers, there’s a desire to learn more. Taking a per diem local travel nurse job allows you to gain hands-on experience in different areas of healthcare. Having a diverse background helps you be a more dynamic nurse and can set you apart from other candidates as your career progresses.
  • Diverse experiences: Many nurses are drawn to per diem nursing jobs because they enable them to work for various employers and build their professional network. Changing scenery and new coworkers can also help avoid burnout or feeling stuck in a dead-end position.

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