Environmental Services for the Healthcare Industry

Hospital Cleaning Services That Emphasize Safety

Hospital Cleaning Services That Promote the Health and Safety of Patients and Staff

Few industries require more thorough cleaning and disinfecting than the healthcare sector. If not properly sterilized and disinfected, you risk endangering everyone at your medical facility. Unfortunately, audits and compliance reviews often discover noncompliant staffing and practices at hospitals. For over two decades, ERN Services’ environmental services have kept patients, providers, and guests safe and healthy while meeting and exceeding all regulatory standards.

We understand the importance of infection prevention. That’s why our highly trained professionals focus on delivering diligent and compliant healthcare cleaning services. We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner that provides cost-effective cleaning solutions that put your needs first. Whether you require short-term or long-term supplemental environmental services staffing, we are happy to work with you to make sure you maintain a healthy environment.

Providing Healthcare Cleaning Services Wherever Needed

ERN’s nationwide network of environmental service providers has the experience and know-how to thoroughly and safely clean any area of your medical facility, including:

  • Exam rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Operating rooms
  • Emergency rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Administrative areas

Customized Environmental Services for Your Facility

Your healthcare facility’s cleaning needs vary from day to day. While some disinfecting and cleaning services are required daily, some depend on patients. ERN offers daily environmental services to cleanse and sterilize high-touch areas. We also provide exhaustive terminal cleanings where every surface, from walls to wires, is deep cleaned and disinfected. This minimizes the risk of contamination when new patients move into a room. Our teams also strictly follow all safety standards for handling hazardous waste and bodily fluids to prevent transmission. And if there’s any hospital-wide exposure or risk of airborne contamination, we quickly provide the services you need upon request.

Schedule Your Free Environmental Services Staffing Assessment

Providing your organization with the proper healthcare cleaning services starts with understanding your needs. Reach out to ERN to schedule a free assessment and develop an environmental services plan that prevents the spread of germs.

Understanding the Differences Between Hospital Janitorial Services and Environmental Services

Cleanliness is at the heart of any commercial cleaning service provided at hospitals. However, you should understand some district differences between hospital janitorial services and environmental services. One of the most notable differences is the training they receive.

ERN’s environmental service professionals receive routine training on properly managing materials that may be contaminated with transmissible diseases. They also emphasize preventing the spread of illness by using medical-grade cleaning supplies to disinfect high-traffic and touch areas. Janitorial teams play a crucial role in keeping hospitals clean but not disinfected. A janitor’s core functions include sweeping, dusting, mopping, removing trash, and other standard cleanings.

Explore Our Janitorial Services

Are you looking to keep your hospital, clinic, or care facility looking tidy? ERN’s janitorial services are a sure way to keep your space presentable and comfortable for visitors and staff.

Why ERN Is the Environmental Services Provider for You

Since 2002, we’ve built our reputation by putting the needs of our clients first. That starts by being attentive and responsive to your needs and crafting budget-friendly solutions around them. Whether looking to fill environmental services needs or clinical staffing, ERN is your go-to resource.

Our goal is to become an integral part of your operations. We regularly visit your facility to ensure everything runs smoothly and to our exacting standards. ERN ensures audit readiness and offers price matching to make sure we’re providing our services at a competitive price. And if you prefer staffing continuity, we are happy to wear your branded uniforms.

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