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Staffing shortages continue to plague the healthcare industry. While this presents many challenges for hospitals, clinics, and urgent care facilities, it also opens up several opportunities for those seeking travel nursing jobs. But knowing where to go to find available nursing assignments isn’t always easy. At ERN Services, we simplify the job search process and help you find the travel nurse or travel nurse practitioner job that suits you best.

As a locum tenens nurse practitioner or registered nurse, you have specific needs to address before committing to the typical 13 to 23-week assignment. We use our nationwide network of healthcare partners to align available travel nursing jobs with your requirements and objectives. ERN’s top priority is building strong, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with healthcare professionals, facilities, and ourselves.

ERN Goes Above and Beyond Finding Travel Nurse Contracts

Finding the highest-paying travel nursing assignment is the top priority of some job seekers. Others want to gain experience in a variety of hospitals and specialties, like women’s health or family practice. But there’s more to these jobs than just your role.

ERN provides housing and relocation assistance to make your transition as seamless and straightforward as possible. This includes helping you find a place to stay that is conveniently located to the hospital or clinic you’re working at. Beyond assisting you with a place to stay, we provide the opportunities, resources, and support needed to advance your personal and professional development. That’s because we believe removing the stresses of moving and resettling is essential to finding success.

Take the First Step in Landing the Perfect Travel Nurse Position for You

If you’re interested in a travel nurse job but don’t know where to start or are frustrated with poor-quality leads, ERN makes it easy to start your search. We have decades of experience helping travel nurse practitioners and RNs get jobs on their terms.

“ERN is hands down the best employer I have ever worked for. Over the last 15 years, I‘ve gained more clinical and overall nursing experience than I could have just working for one hospital. Today, I am able to work at over 10 hospitals near me and have learned how different hospitals operate. It’s been a wonderful 15 years, looking forward to another 20 with ERN.”

-Cat D., RN – ER/ICU

Simplify Your Search for Travel Nursing Jobs

Depending on your circumstances, goals, and career objectives, you may be considering a travel nurse position for many reasons. With ERN, you create and manage your profile. This allows you to set up job alerts only for what meets your needs.

Your profile gives you complete control over the start date, pay range, locations, and work frequency you want to target. And our convenient OneApp enables you to apply for multiple jobs easily. Additionally, as your work experiences or job criteria change, you can upload new documents and update existing information as needed.

ERN Is Your Source for Per Diem and Travel Nursing Jobs Across Many Specialties

As part of our commitment to finding the assignment that best suits a facility and practitioner’s individual and professional needs, ERN provides job placement services for per-diem, temp-to-hire, permanent, and travel nursing jobs. Whether you’re looking to gain experience and travel the country or make a difference in a significantly impacted area, we have a job for you. We are currently seeking applicants for these healthcare positions:

  • ER RN 
  • ICU RN
  • Med/Surg RN
  • Tele RN
  • OR RN
  • Other Specialities

Looking to Fill Travel Nurse Positions?

Explore our healthcare staffing services to learn more about how we help organizations fill open positions with qualified professionals ranging from travel nurses to EVS technicians.

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